OuchMyLeg! is a website devoted to pediatric rheumatology and musculoskeletal education for medical trainees and graduates at all levels.

Educational materials on this site include PowerPoint presentations, videos, and documents helpful for teaching. Members can download instructional materials posted by others and upload their own materials.

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OuchMyLeg! serves two mutually exclusive communities:

PRIME community

  • PRIME members (Pediatric Rheumatologists with Interest in Musculoskeletal Education) use this space to share instructional materials that they have created for medical students, pediatric residents and other learners.
  • Membership in the PRIME community is restricted to residency graduates from any specialty or subspecialty (fellows and attendings) and educators working directly with medical trainees.


  • Pediatric chief residents use this space to access pediatric rheumatology and musculoskeletal teaching materials.
  • Members will be able to communicate with Dr. Curran, a pediatric rheumatologist educator who will provide teaching support to help chief residents increase the quality and quantity of musculoskeletal education in their residency programs.

Most of the shared materials are created by pediatric rheumatologist and other physician educators. Resources can be downloaded by other members and used for teaching purposes.